Water Proofing Compounds

Bondtuf Proof LW

It is a liquid integral waterproofing compound based on modified plasticisers. Being a liquid it disperses instantly with gauging water. Improves strength...

Bondtuf Aqua Coat 1K

Bondtuf Aquacoat 1K is a waterproofing system for cementitious substrates. It is a crystalline capillary water proofing system that contains properly...

Bondtuf Aqua Coat 2K

Two component High performance elastomeric cementitious flexible sealing coat, to be used against ground and back Water based on modified acrylic polymer emulsion

Bondtuf Hyflex

An acrylic modified single component flexible coating system in thixotropic consistency

Bondtuf Damp Coat

It is a single component ready to use copolymer liquid for damp coating. This is exceptionally good for water proofing systems with high bonding properties. It is also U V resistant and good in crack bridging

Bondtuf PU100

Bondtuf PU 100 is a Single component, long lasting, permanently elastic, polyurethane-based waterproofing coating that may be applied and cured at cold environment