Repairs and Rehabilitation Agents

Bondtuf Crete Repair(SBR & Acrylic)

Bonding and Hardening agent based on modified Acrylic & SBR Latex emulsion for concrete and mortar. Excellent bonding to concrete, plaster and masonry works.

Bondtuf Concrete Bond

Two component solvent free epoxy resin based bonding agent. Gives extended pot life. Develops high flexural and tensile strengths.

Bondtuf Crack Fil

Single component cementitious modified polymer Powder . Used for filling and repairing cracks- both internal and external. Excellent adhesion and high strength mortar

Bondtuf Crack Seal

An acrylic modified single component flexible sealing and filling material in thixotropic consistency

Bondtuf Plug

Multipurpose rapid setting instant plugging mortar. Sets rapidly on contact with water. Hardens instantly under continuous wet conditions

Bondtuf Repair UW

Two component epoxy Resin system which sets under water. Gives excellent compressive and tensile strength

Bondtuf RM 100

It is general purpose cementitious repair mortar specifically designed for vertical repair 2 work. Compatibility with Concrete 30-35 N/mm Compressive strength

Bondtuf Acrycrete

It is a single component acrylic based repairing and water proofing system. It is having superior water proofing and bonding property also U V resistant and crack resistant

Bondtuf Poly Seal (PG & GG)

It is two component, gun & pouring grade polysulphide sealant forms a tough, elastic rubber like seal. excellent...