Bondtuf RM 100

Description / Advantages

It is general purpose cementitious repair mortar specifically designed for vertical repair 2 work. Compatibility with Concrete 30-35 N/mm Compressive strength.


It can be applied in sections upto 70 mm thickness in vertical locations and upto 60mm thickness in overhead locations in a single application without the use of form work. can be applied quickly and efficiently by wet spraying.

Consumption / Coverage

2m at 10mm thickness per 25kg pack

Pack Size

25 Kgs

How to Use

Clean the surface and remove any dust, plaster, oil, paint, grease, corrosion deposits. Roughen the surface to remove any laitance and expose the fine aggregate by light scrabbling. All the areas where Bondtuf RM 100 to be applied should be thoroughly soaked with clean water . Apply the mixed Bondtuf RM 100 to the prepared substrate up to 10 mm thickness, by trowel. Apply with minimum working and let the mortar settle before final trowelling for smoothness. Do not execute when rainfall is expected unless the surface is protected.