Bondtuf RMP

Description / Advantages

It does not have sand, silt or mud which obstructs plastering & the plaster quality. With even quality, time saving & least rebound loss. Also water proof, rebound loss ready mix plaster applied walls are stronger, looks nice and binds betters .


Inner/outer brick works, block & stone walls, plastering of sealing/roof, column beams and all concrete surfaces.


Under normal conditions of coverage approx. 20 – 25 S. with an average thickness of 12 mm per bag of 40 Kgs

Pack Size

40 Kgs

How to Use

The surface should be free from dust, grease ,oil etc, if the surface is dry, it should be wetted with clean water. Prepare plaster by mixing water per every 40Kg bag. Use of mechanical mixer-electrical agitator is recommended for better results. Mixing should be done for 5-10 minutes depending upon the speed of the mixing equipment. A er mixing the plaster, leave it for 5 minutes and mix it once again just before use. The correct ratio of water and ready mix plaster is essential for good results. It should be applied a er one hour of preparation. Surface should be rough and if it is smooth made rough with comb. For better stocking. Should be applied with hand trowel and shouldn’t have direct exposure to wind and rain during its application