Bondtuf Fix-A-Marble

Description / Advantages

Bondtuf Fix-A- Marble is a white cement-based high strength, fast set, marble adhesive for the fixing of marble and granite stones on the floors and walls. It can be used for Interior and exterior application. It does not discolour marble .Suitable for wall and floor.


Can be used per fixing marbles / granite on Concrete screeds surfaces.

Consumption / Coverage

Under normal conditions of coverage approx. 7 Sq. mt per 25Kg bag at 3mm thickness.

Pack Size

25 Kgs

How to Use

Spread adhesive using a notched trowel to a minimum bedded thickness of 3 mm to 6 mm on floors. Press marble firmly into wet adhesive with a twisting action. Use a rubber mallet to bed marble. Clean excess adhesive off the surface once marble are firmly set using a damp sponge. Once the adhesive has hardened, only mechanical removal is possible. Adhesive must be allowed to dry for 6 hours for final setting time Mix the required quantity only, enough to be used within 60-minute pot life