Bondtuf Block Adhesive

Description / Advantages

Specially designed to provide stronger, much more durable bonding between the blocks with superior adhesive strength. It replaces conventional ( cement and sand mix) mortar. It is self curing and no additional water curing is required.


Fly ash bricks, cement blocks, hollow blocks, AAC blocks, pre stressed concrete slabs, panels/parapet walls/jointing of cement windows and door frames/ garden boundary walls

Consumption / Coverage

Under normal conditions of coverage approx. 12 with an average thickness of 3mm per bag of 40 Kgs. (Block size 600x200x150mm)

Pack Size

40 Kgs

How to Use

The surface of masonry units should be slightly wet prior to application of Block Adhesive. Apply a thin uniform layer of Bondtuf Block Adhesive , 3- 4mm thick, on the clean & leveled surface of masonry units using proper trowel. A er placing the first units apply Bondtuf Block Adhesive of same thickness on both sides of the unit, keeping continuous checks for the line and level