Bondtuf Crete Repair(SBR & Acrylic)

Description / Advantages

Bonding and Hardening agent based on modified Acrylic & SBR Latex emulsion for concrete and mortar. Excellent bonding to concrete, plaster and masonry works. Designed especially to use as a bonding agent and gauging liquid for cementetious system. Increases compressive and flexural strength as compared to reference mix. Reduces the permeability hence makes mortar more water tight. Can be used as a waterproofing coat. Prevents leakage & dampness.


As a bonding agent for concrete and cement mortars.


8-10 Kg. per 50 kg cement, for polymer modified mortar 4-5 kg. Per 50kg cement.

Pack Size

1, 5, 20 and 240 kgs.

How to Use

For structural repairs 8-10 Kg. per 50 kg cement and for polymer modified mortar 4-5 kg .per 50kg cements. As a bonding agent apply directly 1:1 with cement 4-5m /coat for bonding coat.