Bondtuf Poly Grout

Description / Advantages

Bondtuf Poly Grout is Single Component Foam Injection Grout to Stop Drip Leakages. It is a multipurpose hydrophilic polyurethane injection resin which reacts with available water to initiate expansion in the product to seal leaking cracks and joints in concrete and fill voids in generaly in accessible locations. Bondtuf poly groutis having high tensile adhesion expands up to 25 times in initial volume, rapidlyformsahighlyflexiblesealthatallowsmovementtothecrack,fractureorjoint.


Sealing against water ingress , leaking cracks and joints, for void filling, back grouting Bondtuf poly grout is an excellent product.


Pack Size

20 Kgs Tin

How to Use