Foundation Grouts & Floor Hardener

Bondtuf Grout GP1

Cementetious non shrink, free Flow grout. Strength of M 50 grade can be achieved which cannot be matched by sand/cement grouts.

Bondtuf Grout GP2

Cementetious non shrink, Free Flow Ultra High Strength Grout. Gives strength of M70 grade, Controlled expansion to ensure 100% contact area under base plates are setting...

Bondtuf Grout GP3

Cementetious non shrink, Free Flow Ultra High Strength Grout , gives strength of M90 grade. Excellent non shrink property, Excellent high initial and final strength...

Bondtuf Grout Mix

It is a Single component additive for cement water slurry. It will allow controlled expansion while pressure grouting.

Bondtuf Grout EP1

It is a two component low Viscosity Epoxy Resin Injection Grout. It has very high flowability and excellent bond strength.

Bondtuf Grout EP2

Three component – Low exotherm epoxy Resin Grout. Can be installed rapidly and has very high strength can be developed.

Bondtuf Poly Grout

Bondtuf Poly Grout is Single Component Foam Injection Grout to Stop Drip Leakages. It is a multipurpose hydrophilic polyurethane injection resin ...

Bondtuf Lockset

It is a polyester resin anchor grout specially made to give an excellent Anchorage. It sets very fast and gains strength very rapidly even in under water.

Bondtuf Floor Hardener(Metallic & Non Metallic)

It is a Metallic & Non metallic concrete floor hardener for very high abrasion resistance flooring. It provides a very high abrasion resistance surface...

Bondtuf SFMC

Shrinkage compensated polymer modified free flow super fluid Micro Concrete .