Epoxy Coating & Screeds

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Bondtuf Epoxy Coat 201

Solvent free two component Epoxy resin based food Neutral coating. Develops high hardness and abrasion resistance with good viscous elasticity.

Bondtuf Epoxy Coat 202

Solvent based two component Epoxy resin based coat for iron and Steel. Good viscous elasticity with high hardness and wear proof strengths.

Bondtuf Epoxy Coat 203

Solvent free, two component high build epoxy resin system, specially designed for high chemical resistance.

Bondtuf Primer SB 204

Solvent based two component epoxy resin impregnating coat for concrete and screed surfaces for protection against light and medium.

Bondtuf Primer SF 205

Solvent free low viscous two component epoxy resin Primer . Weather resistance as well as resistant again leaches, acids lubricating oils and fuels etc.

Bondtuf Epoxy Coaltar 206

Two component coaltar modified with epoxy resin system to stop the rusting and corrosion of all metal and concrete surfaces. Also a protective coating in any situation...

Bondtuf Epoxy SL

Solvent free pigmented self levelling pourable Casting coat for concrete floors. It provides seamless floors which are dust free and hygienic. It is an excellent chemical and weather resistant.

Bondtuf Epoxy Mortar

It is a solvent free low viscous epoxy Resin flowing mortar. It Develops high hardness and wear resistance. Superior resistance to chemicals, water, sea water, mineral oils & solvents.

Bondtuf Epoxy Mortar HD

It is trowellable solvent free low viscous chemical and abrasion resistant Epoxy Resin floor screed. The cured screed is hard & abrasion resistant with excellent adhesion...

Bondtuf Epoxy Coat 209

It is a two component water based epoxy coating system with food grade properties. When applied develops high hardness and abrasion resistance with good viscous elasticity.

Bondtuf Epoxy Putty 207

It is a three component product based on epoxy resin putty.Very easy to apply and chemical resistant. Very good adhesion to concrete and steel surfaces.